We powder coat a range of products for Australia’s iconic manufacturers including Ford and Ford Performance Vehicles, Toyota, Kenworth Trucks, Honda Lawnmowers, Chef Ovens and a range of components used in the building industry and domestic and industrial applications.

Automotive Domestic Joinery

Powder coated components for Ford Performance Vehicles V8 engines. We arranged for colour matching to existing components when Ford wanted to improve the appearance of their high performance V8 engines.

Powder coated components for Ford Car

Since the parts came complete direct from the motor plant in Detroit we had to disassemble them removing caskets, plugs, screws and the oil filler cap then mask the parts where no coating was permitted. We then powder coated and reassemble them (with the correct torque on all fasteners) before repacking and shipping to FPV.

We coat components for the Ford Territory in highly durable gloss black powder coat. These are coated using our silan pre-treatment system to achieve the extremely high Ford corrosion resistance requirements.

Powder coated components of Honda lawnmowers
Honda lawnmowers

We powder coat many parts of the Honda lawnmowers manufactured in Australia. Known as the market leader for lawnmowers because of their durability and quality.

Powder coated components of Kenworth Trucks
Kenworth Trucks

For over a decade we have been coating a multitude of various components for Kenworth trucks. Everything from hundreds of under body components to doors skins and tool box lids. Every one of the parts we coat has to meet the stringent quality requirement of this giant of the trucking industry.