The Importance of Pre-Treatment & Powder Coating

The ultimate durability of any powder coating finish is based on the quality of the pre-treatment applied to the metal product prior to powder coating. Powder coating is not impervious to moisture so it alone will not stop metal from corroding. Without pre-treatment the metal will corrode quickly, this can rapidly eat away the metal […]

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Powder Coating Colours and Charts

Powder Coat colours can matched to any standard colour range and colours can be custom matched. Common colour ranges are the Colorbond colour range and other standards such as the Australian Standards, RAL European colour range and selected colours for domestic applications. There is a standard powder coat colour range that is matched by all […]

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Could robots replace nearly half of us in the workforce?

On the 28th of May 2014 the ABC 7.30 Report featured Peter Harrison and Hilustre Coatings robotic spray painting system in a report about the growth in industrial robotics in the near future. Hilustre’s system, designed by Peter Harrison, was included in the report due to its innovative use of robotics in an industrial application. It requires […]

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Nickson and Burke Two Time Winners

L.T. Nickson and Burke cabinet makers have won the Victorian CMA Cabinet Maker of the year award for the second time running, 2013 and 2012. Mark and Chris have been long time customers of Hilustre Powder Coating and many of their award winning designs incorporates our polyurethane finishes. The first kitchen features high gloss white […]

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Electrostatics and issues with powder application

Faraday Cage Effect One of the main application problems with powder coating is due to the ’Faraday Cage affect’. The Corona field from the gun is attracted to the lowest point of resistance which is the nearest extremities of the part being coated, not into internal recesses. Since the charged powder will follow the field […]

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Powder coating application system

Powder coating is a solvent free coating technology which utilises a thermoset (requiring heat) dry powder applied through electrostatic spray equipment to a variety of substrates. The powder is a ground resin that looks like coloured dust. Once the item is coated it is baked in an oven to melt the solid particles which flow […]

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McConnell Seats grabs the quality using Hilustre Powder Coating

Since 2013 McConnell Seats have been using Hilustre Powder Coatings to paint grab rails for use in Victorian trains. The spray paint system is applied by Hilustre to meet the quality specification using a PPG two pack paint system. This comprises 3 coats of epoxy primer to adhere to the cast aluminium grab rail, this […]

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Falshaw Castors – Powder coating castors

Hilustre has been powder coating castors for Falshaw for many years. Their latest product designed for the U.S. medical market required masking to keep the bearing race clear of powder coat. Hilustre designed a system to cover the bearing races during the coating process; this ensures smooth operation of the castor. The zinc plated castor […]

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Types of Powder Coat

Powder coat is a solvent free coating system using thermoset (requiring heat), solid particles of powder coat that are applied using electrostatic guns and then baked in an oven to melt, flow and cure the powder. Powder is comprised of several components; The resin, this is the body of the powder coat and powder is […]

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